Saturday, April 06, 2013

From My Cold Dead Hands?

Our struggle in this country to limit and control citizen weaponry has taken a turn to the right over the years. Back when Nixon was president (and he was a Republican, remember) his administration was trying to ban even certain handguns, known as Saturday Night Specials. It didn't happen, but there was serious debate over it. A similar debate today would be thought ridiculous. We can't even get military assault rifles banned. It's probably not even possible to get something as simple and common-sense as background checks passed. What will the future hold, a serious debate on whether or not bazookas or rocket launchers should be for sale to anyone?

The Second Amendment is, unfortunately, still a part of our Constitution. It is an amendment that is archaic and should be thought of as, to use a technology term, deprecated, much like the Third Amendment. But since it is alive and well, the gun nuts are having a field day, thanks mostly to the NRA. But what most people don't understand is that, even without the Second Amendment, most people would still be allowed to buy and even carry most of the same weapons they do now. Without the Second Amendment, states would have to pass laws banning certain guns. Most of the red states would never pass such laws, and that's where most of the gun owners live. And even the blue states would still probably allow hunting rifles and shot guns, which is all anyone ever really needs and only then if they are hunters.

But we do have the Second Amendment and that's why it is so hard for me to understand how the gun nuts are fearful that by passing common-sense restrictions that it means the government is coming to take away their guns. It isn't so and it can't happen.

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