Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Debating a Christian Apologist

I have been debating via e-mail with a Christian apologist called VL Vawter. It has so far been stimulating and engaging. Our responses to each other have been rather long and thorough, so I have decided to include them here as PDF files. They have not been edited for public consumption.

I started the conversation with a short essay refuting several key doctrinal claims within Christianity and, in fact, providing some reasons why I do not believe in God at all, let alone the Christian God. VL replied with a detailed, 88-page response. I then replied to VL with a 26-page rebuttal. I have not included my original essay since VL quotes from it extensively in his reply. Included are his reply and my rebuttal to that.

Our conversation has not ended as he has told me he plans to reply to my rebuttal essay. When he does, I will post that here. Please feel free to comment freely on either essay.

VL - Why Christianity
VL - Why Christianity (Part 2)

My Reply


Jeffrey said...

Your persistence is admirable here. I've navigated a good amount of your posted discussion. I'm glad that you've pointed out that your fellow letter-writer is an apologist, since that implies a completely separate discourse than the one you're using. It's a shame that you won't come to proper conclusions as a result of discourse issues.

Anonymous said...

Your reasoning about "is there free will in heaven" is PERFECT and what I always say when confronted with "well, there HAS to be free will..." Thank you thank you thank you for publishing this.