Saturday, August 04, 2012

Virgin Mary Shows up in Some Lady's Vagina?

The faithful have been flocking to this small Alabama town to witness what many call a miracle. Billy Bob Begley discovered it while he was making love to his wife, Sue Ann, three days ago. When he went down on her to give her cunnilingus he saw what appeared to him to be the Virgin Mary right there in Sue Ann's vagina.

"It's truly a miracle," Billy Bob said. "I almost put my tongue inside the Blessed Virgin." Instead, he told his wife to hold her position while he whipped out his iPhone to snap a picture of it so he could upload it to Facebook. "The response has been amazing," Begley said. "We've had more than 75,000 views since I put my wife's vagina on the Inter Web," he said.

Asked how she feels about all the publicity, Sue Ann just said, "It's a real blessing. I have the Blessed Vagina right here between my legs and I'm proud to let the world look at it." Asked if having the image of the Vagina Mary between her legs would have any impact on her sex life, she thought for a moment and said, "I'm not sure yet." But Billy Bob was quick to exclaim, "Naw! Now I get to make love to two women at the same time, and one of them will always remain a virgin! It's a turn-on sent from heaven."

The Begley's are Baptists, so they do not worship images of Mary the way most Catholics do, but they admit that it is, indeed, a miracle sent from God. "God wanted to send us a message," Sue Ann said. "I think he wanted to tell me that my vagina, and by extension all women's vaginas, are holy and that they should be freely shared among men.

"I think it's just the image itself, Sweetheart, not your actual vagina that should be shared," Billy Bob corrected. "Anyway, we are very proud to share this image with the world and hope it brings peace and love to the planet."

The priest at the local Parish had a different take on the image. "I can't say whether or not it's a miracle," Father Guido said. "All I know for sure is that the Lord works in mysterious ways. Maybe this young lady's vagina is blessed; I just don't know."

The Begleys said their home will be available for viewing every day next week after 5:00 PM. "That's when I get home from work," said Billy Bob. "I don't really want strangers viewing the Blessed Vagina while I'm not at home."

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