Saturday, November 05, 2011

Obama Should Offer Campaign Deal on Jobs Bill

Once again the Republicans in the Senate have obstructed a bill that would create thousands of jobs across the country. The bill is part of Pres. Obama's American Jobs Act that was already shot down in the Senate, so the president decided to send it through piecemeal.

When 100 percent of Senate Republicans vote down a bill that will create jobs and is paid for, it only means what at least half of all Americans, according to one poll, already know and what everybody ought to know, that Republicans don't care about jobs; they only care about getting Obama out of office. They want him out so badly that they are willing to throw the economy under a bus to do it. Well, their plans may backfire. America is on to them.

Here's an idea. Since Republicans want Obama out of office so badly, Obama should make them a deal: Pass the American Jobs Act intact or with only minor adjustments and he will not campaign at all for reelection, not for himself and not for any other Democrat. If the Republicans accept his offer, then America wins because we'll have a job-creating bill passed. Obama keeps his promise not to campaign, but he gets reelected anyway because voters know the truth about why he is not campaigning. If the Republicans reject his offer, Obama wins in 2012 anyway because he not only gets to campaign, but the current status quo of Republican recalcitrance will continue and voters will hold them accountable for turning down a deal that would have created jobs. And it will show voters that the president is putting country before politics by offering to put a moratorium on his reelection campaign.

Sure there's some risk; anything can happen in a year. So the president should wait until sometime early next year to make his offer. But it would create a win-win situation for the president and a no-win situation for the Republicans.

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jscottu said...

You are obviously not an economist. A famous economist was traveling abroad and observed that people were digging with shovels instead of construction equipment. When he asked "why" he was told that it was in order to "create more jobs". "So then why don't you give them spoons instead of shovels" was his reply.
Government doesn't create REAL jobs. Oh, they create "jobs" if you define a "job" as going somewhere, doing what you are told and then getting a paycheck. But there is no productive work done (generally speaking). The proper purpose of government is the use of force against criminals and invading armies. Government is a necessary evil (with emphasis on "evil").