Saturday, September 03, 2011

Open Letter to the Science Channel

Dear Science,

You are one of my favorite channels on television. I watch you on a daily basis. I also watch some of your sister channels, such as Discovery, Animal Planet, and Planet Green. That said, I do have some concerns and complaints. Sometimes you show programming that is not really about science. Shows such as Oddities and Junkies can't really be described as science shows. And especially shows like An Idiot Abroad has nothing at all to do with science.

I know, some of these shows are your most highly rated. Well, that's because people tend to like quirky shows better than they like shows about science fact. But if you choose to be the science channel, then you should show only programs that are actually related to science, shows like How do They Do It, How It's Made, Curiosity, Through the Wormhole, and Wonders of the Universe.

Some of your sister channels are also guilty of programming off topic. The Discovery Channel should be about discovering our world, not about motorcycles. If you insist on including programs such as American Chopper, why not add a new channel to your lineup called The Redneck Motorhead Channel. And what's with all the supernatural and ghost hunting sensationalist garbage on Planet Green? What does that have to do with a clean environment?

I appreciate that the Science Channel and Planet Green have resisted showing those annoying program-length commercials late at night. And I do appreciate having these educational channels available. I'm just afraid that you are starting to yield to the lowest common denominator of our society by compromising your programming. Please, let the programming match the name. Keep it pure. And put an end to some of the sensationalist programming or at least move it to a more compatible channel. Thank you.

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Denbeath said...

I find this Off Programming' to be a source of frustration and irritation. If I wanted to watch garbage & reality TV I would tune into the channels that openly air that trash. Sneaking this rubbish in The Science, Discovery, etc. channels is just plain sickening.

Thanks for your post.