Sunday, May 02, 2010

Pro-Life is a Euphemism for Anti-Choice

When someone creates an organization to support a cause, they normally give it a descriptive name that let's people know what they are actually supporting: Save the Whales, Greenpeace, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, etc. If someone wanted to give their organization a name that has nothing to do with their cause it might be because they are brain dead, but more likely it is because theirs is really a clandestinely nefarious cause.

Take for example the Pro-Life movement. The Right to Life group claims to be Pro-Life. But aren't we all? Sure, some of us want convicted child murderers to be executed; some of us want to commit suicide, but by and large everyone is basically pro-life.

If a cause is pro anything, it generally means there is a large anti-something following. But what is the antithesis of the Pro-Life movement? You might think it would be the Pro-Death cause, but there is no such group. There is no Pro-Death or Anti-Life movement. What the pro-lifers are actually against is the Pro-Choice movement.

Pro-Choice is for those who support a woman's right to decide whether or not to have an abortion. It's the woman's own choice, to be made by her, in consultation with her doctor and whomever else she wants to invite into her decision-making process. But the Pro-Life crowd wants to be invited as well, and if they're not, they will crash the party.

The Pro-Life cause is not about being pro-life; we all are pro-life. Pro-Life is a euphemism for anti-choice. Of course, they couldn't name their group anti-choice because that sounds so negative and demeaning to those who value freedom of choice in this country. So they had to come up with a less sinister sounding moniker.

Of course, existing under a pseudonym sometimes means you don't want people to know your real identity. To know the real motive behind the Pro-Life movement means they would have far fewer supporters. Nobody wants to pronounce that they are anti-choice. But that's what the Pro-Life movement is all about, taking away the choice of free Americans and replacing it with their own twisted sense of morality.

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