Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bush's Last Days, a Countdown to Freedom

How much longer can America, as a free nation, survive under the inept leadership of George W. Bush? Unfortunately, unless he does something so incredibly dangerous that he gets impeached by his own party, the number of days left in his presidency is still 856 as of this writing, (click here for countdown).

Bush has made America a laughingstock of the world. We are an embarrassment to the civilized world. The United States, once a great leader of the world's democracies, has been relegated to the back burner of global civility and leadership.

Bush has also tarnished the office he holds. Once a symbol of America's liberty, the office of the president has lost its luster and will probably need years, if not decades, to rebuild its symbolism.

His absurd lack of mastery of the English language is but the tip of the iceberg, though most recognizable trait, of his ineptitude in office.

But don't let his infamous lack of leadership ability and stubbornness lull you into a false sense that everything will be alright when his term finally ends. He is the masthead of the growing religious right movement. He is also their poster boy.

The evangelical Christian fanatics have taken control of all three branches of the federal government and many state governments as well. Evangelical Christians are a menace to modern society, as they were in the Middle Ages and during the Crusades.

Sure, Islamists are more overtly dangerous to the world. But evangelical Christians are like snakes in the grass, or 1950s-style communists. They infiltrate slowly into schools and into the government, until they are ready to take total control and turn this country into a Christian theocracy, the antithesis of fundamentalist Islam.

What's at risk is the Constitution of the United States, a document that never mentions a thing about God or a Creator, much less Jesus Christ. Even the Declaration of Independence was edited to include the term "Creator" which was purposely omitted in the original draft.

Contrary to the baloney espoused by Christian fundamentalists, America was never founded on Christianity, but on liberty. Bush is doing his best, in the name of his main constituency, to undermine our Constitution and turn over the leadership of this country to the business of Christianity. And I say business on purpose, for that's what it really is.

And just as the German people were duped by Hitler into believing that they were the master race and the Jews were evil, American evangelicals have been duped into believing the superstitious nonsense of their businessman leadership that these are the end times and that they are the ones being persecuted by the godless liberals.

If Christian values were all it took to be civilized, why is it that secular nations like Japan and the Scandinavian counties have a much lower crime rate, less drug use, and less teen pregnancy than the near-theocratic Christian United States? And why is it that the more liberal blue states have a better-educated public with less teen pregnancy and less crime than most of the conservative red states?

The conservative Christians helped to put Bush in office. It is up to the freethinkers, the mainstream Christians, and the more educated members of society to rally themselves and vote in every election up until November 2008 to make sure that the successors of Bush and his cronies are finally eliminated from leadership roles.

It's going to be a long

856 days.

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