Sunday, August 13, 2006

Researchers Hunt Down Ghosts for Fun

Do you believe your house or business is haunted? If so, who ya gonna call?

Well, not the Ghost Busters. But you might consider calling on a group of paranormal investigators from the Edinburgh and Columbus area to do a workup of your property in order to rule out or confirm your suspicions of paranormal activity.

Three brothers and a friend of theirs, all of whom are interested in the paranormal based on personal experience and interest, formed Hoosier Paranormal Research in 2005. Since then, they have traveled to many destinations with their modern electronic ghost-hunting equipment to verify the existence of spirits or apparitions.

On their Web site,, they claim their mission is to, “…investigate allegations of ghostly or paranormal activity and to help people better understand it.”

The three brothers are also brothers of mine, and they have invited me along on their ghost-hunting adventures. Being an unwavering skeptic, I’ve always declined their invitations, so I do not know by first-hand experience what ghost hunting is like. But to the Hoosier Paranormal researchers, it is both fascinating and, occasionally, mystifying.

Robert and Ken Wilson from Edinburgh along with their brother Greg from Columbus and friend Shanon from Columbus make up the Hoosier Paranormal Research group. Shanon doesn’t wan’t to reveal his last name because he is involved in a church group that might not understand his paranormal research hobby.

Ken became interested in the paranormal after seeing what he describes as a well-dressed old man sitting in a chair in the living room where he had been asleep on the couch. He claims to have been wide awake when he saw the image. It was very unnerving for him.

Greg’s interest in the paranormal began in the mid-1990s at his former residence. He kept hearing strange noises in the other room. Although he never really felt in danger, it did kindle an interest in ghostly phenomena.

Robert had never experienced a paranormal event prior to his association with the research team, but he has always taken an interest in the paranormal, reading all he could find about the subject.

Shanon’s interest in the paranormal began in his first home back in the early 1990s. He tells of how items would continually come up missing; clocks would start and stop without explanation, and pets would exhibit strange behavior. He even occasionally saw a shadow of a small child out of the corner of his eye.

Since the four men teamed up to start ghost hunting, they have performed research at several private residences, the Crump Theater in Columbus, the Story Inn in Brown County, and the Gettysburg battlefield in Gettysburg, Pa. They have visited several cemeteries in the state.

They will make a presentation to the public at the Bartholomew County Public Library in October. And they are scheduled to do an investigation of the Willard Library in Evansville next year. So the group keeps rather busy chasing down spirits and such.

During their investigations, they have captured images of lights and orbs that they can’t explain. They also have several recordings of EVPs, or electronic voice phenomena, which they offer for download on their Web site.

The team’s members are quick to point out that, although each of them believes in paranormal phenomena, they first seek to discover natural causes for anything unusual they find. They do not try to prove that an unidentified phenomenon is of paranormal origin until they can first rule out all natural explanations.

The group does not charge a fee for their services and they do not perform exorcisms or try to rid the property of ghosts. But they claim they can put people in contact with those who can help in that area.

They get satisfaction out of helping their clients understand what is going on in their house or business. And ultimately, they claim what they do is a great amount of fun.

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