Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Are Men Perverts?

Women may disagree, but men have had to adapt and conform to the established norms and standards of society to a greater degree than have women. Men have had to force themselves to act totally in opposition to their natural tendencies with regard to sex, whereas women may simply behave the way nature intended.

Consider an experiment performed at a university in which males aged 18 to 24 were told to ask young women, whom they had never met, for sex. The men were supposed to find a female college student who was alone at the time, strike up a casual conversation about the weather, and then say something like, "I find you very attractive. Would you like to go to my room and have sex?"

In the experiment, 100 percent of the women refused the proposition. And, in fact, the vast majority of them not only refused to have sex, but also seemed insulted or annoyed at having been asked.

The next phase of the experiment reversed the roles. This time, the women were supposed to find a male student and strike up a casual conversation, ending with the same question. And this time, the results were quite different. Seventy percent of the men who were propositioned agreed to have sex. And the reaction of almost all the rest was not disgust. Most were apologetic. Some said things like, "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid my girlfriend might catch us," or, "I don't think I should because I'm kinda going with someone right now."

Why should the women have felt so insulted or annoyed at being asked the same question that didn't bother most men? Women might say the answer is because all men are jerks, or perverts. But that still begs the question, "why is that so?"

The real answer, of course, lies with evolution. In the earliest history of humankind, it was the male's responsibility to make sure the species was promulgated. It was the man's duty to successfully breed with as many females as possible. He was genetically inclined to reproduce with reckless abandon.

Females, on the other hand, were genetically predisposed to seek out the single male that she thought would give her the best and strongest children. And then, her job was to stay at home and raise her family. This behavior was not something she considered consciously; it was simply pre-programmed in her genes. Genetically, she was not interested in having many partners in rapid succession. She simply wanted the best man to get her pregnant, after which time she would refuse sex until she was ready for her next child. In prehistoric times, it was nature's way of making sure the species survived.

The social morés that exist in today's society more nearly reflect the attitude of the early cave women, that is, don't have casual sex with multiple partners, and be true to the one you're with for life. But the men of today still have that genetic predisposition to fertilize as many women as possible in the shortest amount of time.

For that reason, it is the men who have had to adapt their behavior and suppress their tendencies in order to conform to what society says is acceptable behavior. Women have had to change little. These are, of course, general tendencies. There are men who have no repressed sexual desires; as there are some women whose sex drive rivals any man's.

For the most part, every man that approaches a woman that he finds attractive, and then gets tongue-tied as he tries to compliment her or ask her out, and every man who behaves like a jerk, whistling and winking at women on the street; all they really want to do is simply go up to that woman and say, "Hey, babe, let's have sex." But how many women have ever had a man come up to them out of the blue and ask that question? Probably very few have.

So the men, although they may behave like perverts occasionally from a woman's perspective, are actually suppressing a lot more of their true sexual desires than the women give them credit for. Women, therefore, should not react as though all men are jerks or perverts when the men occasionally regress to an earlier era. Men are simply doing the best they can at repressing their natural genetic tendencies.

That certainly doesn't excuse a man for behaving poorly. It just means that women should try to understand a man's view of sex from a biological point of view, as men have been forced to understand, or at least reluctantly accept, the nature of women. After all, for both sexes, it's all in the genes.


d3mongurl said...

Have you ever heard of this thing called... the bible? How... when Jesus came MEN are no longer ANIMALS, they are human beings who are to be with one woman and one woman only? No... of course you haven't heard of such a thing. When I call a man a pervert, the translation is pretty much an animal. Why don't you invent a time machine and go back to a time where its easier for you to handle? The rest of us are going to progress and have some dignity. I myself would like to go to heaven. What you should be worried about is trying your best to follow the Lords word.

Jerry Wilson said...

Don't you just hate bible-thumping idiots who go a long way to make no point at all.

Mark said...

And besides, the premise of the post itself doesn't have to disagree with Biblical creation.
Essentially it is only asserting man as a biological being like any other. ... And what's with her username "DemonGirl"? haha

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

doesnt make sense to me. well.. I take that back. It makes sense but i dont agree with it. we are people.. we are not animals from the BC era. I just think men use the excuse "its cause were mean" cause thats their ONLY excuse. it has nothing to do with "we are biologically programed to want to have sex with every other women.".. I guess I just hate the fact that men will never be 100% satisfied with who they have. they will always desire more. always want variety. ya know

Jerry Wilson said...

Sorry, Nikki, but almost all (not 100%) of straight men are biologically programmed to have wandering eyes. That doesn't mean they can't love someone or stay married to one person, but it does mean that they will at the very least look and fantasize.

Unknown said...

yeah. I guess the truth hurts! haha. I guess I just have a low'ish self esteem that thinking of my husband wanting and looking at other women just doesnt help. I mean, I look im not a prude or anything. but thinking of HIM doing it upsets me some. cause when men look they notice everyyyything.. boobs, butt, the whole body. women really mostly notice the face ya know. haha

thebetterof2evils said...

haha so you are saying men really haven't evolved at all? lol. Secondly this theory is really flawed because are closest ape relatives have sex to continue the species and beat weaker apes to it simply so the offspring has the best chance at survival. Men today RUN from reproducing and totally go against nature. The real reason they are the way they are is: SOCIETY VIEW POINTS. At first men had sex for children, for survival of the species. Then birth control was invented allowing a man to have sex without consequences. So the media made women into sex objects and eventually instead of sex being a way to reproduce, it became a sport. Now it's "how many have you slept with" and "youre the man" and since they are SO obsessed with sex they now think about it all the time and will take it whenever they can get it. Women are just blow up dolls to them. So yes men ARE perverts. They have free will, nature does not define us. YOU define you. You can try to use the biological excuse but really, not working. Our ancestors murder and eat their own, do you? IF you did would it be okay because that's what they did? I mean come on, pathetic excuses guys.

Unknown said...

I agree 110% with Thebetterof2evil! Now, Jerry, your rebuttle.

rogleo14 said...

First of all, you can't really put religion into this for others because your views are definetely not the same as everybody elses. There's a reason men want diversity.. just like there are in any other animals. The reason humans are diverse is so that no one disease or biological problem can wipe the human race off. Since the woman is the child-bearer, she hopes to have a strong man whether it be physically or mentally, even though trends are now shifting to whoever can support the woman the best (what woman doesn't want a guy with money). That still doesn't stop men from having a social obligation to one woman which he should focus on. And if you really want your man to stop focusing on other women, then nuter him, but I'll see how that goes for you. It takes effort for a man to not focus on other women, and if he were to focus on only one, boredom would eventually hit. Is it fair for women? No, not at all.

Anonymous said...

As humans, we are animals capable of higher process thinking, with stone-age brains. As humans, we live in a modern world. It's the human condition: fighting with the fact that we have animal instincts coupled with a sense of morality. I think there really is no denying that. From an evo psych standpoint the fact that we have stone aged brains is one of the first "anthems" if you will. Evolution takes thousands and thousands of years, our neurons fire now in a very similar (if not exact) way they fired then. The way we feel pleasure, love, pain, sadness (THE WAY WE USE OUR BRAIN) –they feel the same now as they did then too. I guess what I am getting to is that I feel bad for men. If you buy into science, their urges to procreate are as strong as their urge to eat and live. Yet, their sense of morality is a strong as any other persons. That inner fight, the fight against “the condition”, must hurt so much more. HOWEVER, this in NO WAY excuses infidelity, just helps ease the blow. As a female, no as a human, I think we have to look to ourselves- fight our own fights- and pray to God or Allah or whatever that these other “higher thinking ape people” don’t hit us with their mac trucks or shoot us with their hand guns. Perversion is not where societies problems end. That and “get yours” there is a reason men enjoy sex so much!

Anonymous said...

Actually science has discovered that women settle down with “beta” males to raise their young and seek out virile “alpha” males on the side to get it on with. So aren’t the ladies also working against their “natural urges?”
Female mating strategies:
Besides MEN are the ones who devised monogamy to ensure that every man could get a mate, not just the alpha. Which, incidentally works very well for society because you do have men ripping each others throats out to compete for women.
Perils of polygamy: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Polygamy+troubling+implications+society/3288755/story.html

Anonymous said...

Bravo. I agree. Humans are indeed just animals with high-activity brains and opposable thumbs.